Air travel has made getting around one heck of a lot easier. With planes now charting courses to all sorts of foreign destinations, the world is your oyster. Today, let’s run through some dos and don’ts when it comes to jetting off on your next plane journey.

Don’t – Pester the staff too much

Remember airline staff are human beings too. You think it’s tough to sit on your backside for long-haul flights? Try doing that while also having to cater for up to 100 people at all times.

As the Secret Traveller points out, they’ve spent the last half-a-day waiting on people hand and foot, cleaning toilets and trying to calm babies. If they seem unresponsive or are a little slow at the end of the journey, you should appreciate the human factor involved.

You definitely need to grab their attention if something serious is happening, but if you’re just a few minutes away from the end of your flight and need some minor comfort, maybe you can just go without it.

Do – Research what you’re allowed to take

With (necessarily) strict regulations now in place in most major airports, you’re going to find there are some items which you simply aren’t allowed to bring with you when you’re on a flight.

While there will be an element of common sense when it comes to deciding what you can and can’t bring on a plane, there are others which fall into a weird middle-ground.

Nidirect provide a useful list of what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to personal items which you may be unsure about – such as cutlery, tweezers or small scissors. You won’t want to have these taken away from you as you won’t ever see them again.

Don’t – Make a mess

You’re all going to be crammed into one tiny space for an elongated period of time, so you owe it to yourself and your fellow passengers not to disturb the sanctity of the cabin and fill it with your clutter.

Once again, you should definitely take the staff into account at this point. Their job will be made considerably easier if you respect the cleanliness of the plane and discard all of your rubbish in an appropriate manner.


Do – Keep your child happy

We wouldn’t normally suggest going out of your way to spoil your child and ensure they get everything they want – but, on a plane, the rules can be bent a little.

You have to remember the kids will be trapped in a confined space for a very long period of time with absolute strangers. Do whatever you must to guarantee they don’t cause a scene or make things hard for everyone else.

Inside Edition suggest four handy ways of keeping your child quiet on a plane. Remember; nobody wants to be sat next to a screaming infant for hours.

Don’t – Rush to get off the plane

 Show some manners when getting off the aircraft. You’re all going to be able depart eventually, so there’s no need to rush or strong-arm your way to the front of the plane.

Show some civility and leave the cabin in a similar order to how you’re seated. Is that extra minute really going to make a difference to your holiday, or for getting home any quicker? No, we didn’t think it would.

Have these dos and don’ts provided you with a better understanding of how to conduct yourself when on a plane? The next time you head off on your travels, make sure to bear them in mind.