Most people don’t think of  Taiwan tours when dreaming of that ultimate vacation to Asia. This is a shame, but also a blessing in disguise, because the tourist industry hasn’t kicked in full swing yet. This means that this pristine and hidden gem boasts of some of the most breathtaking scenery and locales in the world. And on your vacation you can feel like it is your own mini paradise to enjoy!

The most popular destinations in Taiwan are the capital, Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Hualein, Yilan and its largest city, Kaohsiung. Taipei has the international airport, which means most likely your trip will start from there. Below we list out some of the highlights of each locale so you can be sure not to miss out on any important things to see or do during one of your Taiwan tours!

Taipei – The cultural capital of Taiwan

Taiwan Tour - Taipei

Taiwan Tour – Taipei

Things start at a leisurely pace in Taipei and go on till late at night. It is the most well developed metro city of Taiwan.

Among the things to do in Taipei, the National Palace Museum is an impressive collection of Chinese artifacts. The Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is the best place to learn firsthand about Taiwanese history.

The Beitou hot springs are popular among the locals as well for their medicinal properties. They are styled on the lines of plush European spas so no need for skepticism regarding hygiene!

If you go to only one market in Taipei, let it be the Shilin night market with its food building catering an impressive array of delicious food to appeal to every palate.

Among day tours from Taipei a good option is the Maokong gondola to the mountain. The scenery is very good from the gondola ride but the mountain is known for its traditional Taiwanese tea ceremony. There is even a tea museum on the mountain where you can learn more about it.

Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Tour - Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Tour – Sun Moon Lake

About 3 hours drive away from Taipei is the Sun Moon Lake, a traditional honeymoon destination for young Taiwanese couples. You can enjoy the views of the scenic mountain backdrop to the clear blue waters of the only freshwater lake in Taiwan.


Taiwan Tour - HUALEIN

Taiwan Tour – HUALEIN

Most people visit Hualein for the breathtakingly gorgeous Taroko gorge, located about 19 km from Hualein town. It is wise to give yourself one full day to explore the Taroko National Park, otherwise you are likely to come away with regrets. The main attraction of this area is the fast changing relief features starting from coastal beaches to rugged cliffs and subtropical mountains ending at sub-alpine coniferous forests.

You can rent a bicycle at the entrance of the park to explore the entire place, a truly adventurous option! Otherwise there are many short hiking trails to choose from as well. Do make it a part of your Taiwan tour, you won’t be disappointed.


Taiwan Tour Lotus Lake Marco Seen

Taiwan Tour Lotus Lake Marco Seen

The largest city of Taiwan possibly. A must-see is the Fo Guang Shan Buddha memorial centre, a great educational experience and very child-friendly too.

Another world-famous attraction is the Pier-2 Art Centre, a cluster of artistic warehouses. There are art stalls and food stalls which can be covered in an afternoon. It’s a nice way to relax and soak up the atmosphere and culture of Taiwan.

There’s also the Lian Lake to visit in Kaohsiung, which is surrounded by up to 20-22 pagodas. The most famous is the Dragon and the Tiger Pavilion. The night market here is also worth a visit as there are some good food restaurants nearby.

Organized Taiwan tours

If travelling to the little explored area of Taiwan on your own is daunting to you, you can of course book a package tour as well. Currently, Intrepid Travels offers a 9 day tour starting from $2735.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can plan your own itinerary and we can book a custom-made tour package for you! This way, you can have fun with all the planning, and leave all the hassle of booking to us!

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream Taiwan tour right now!