To rank the best 5 star hotel in the world is an ambitious exercise on any scale. It is also a highly biased exercise, so let us come clean with our criteria at the outset. We didn’t necessarily search for hotels with the maximum luxury quotient, or the most expensive. Highest on our priority were location and experience. If the hotel offered something that was unique to the place and available nowhere else, then it made our shortlist. So you can imagine why no hotels in New York or Las Vegas made our long list even. Next, we looked at reviews of service and hospitality. Hotel reviews make a big impact on reservation trends in customers we take the responsibility of our undertaking very seriously. With those two criteria in mind, enjoy our list below!

Bardessono in Napa Valley, United States — North America

5 Star Hotels - Bardessona, USA

5 Star Hotel – Bardessono, USA

This hotel is located in wine country, and comes with all the scenery you would expect at such a location. The rolling hills and vineyards provide a nice backdrop for every room. The staff are the most gracious you will meet anywhere. Check in is discreet and quick, and accompanied by a complimentary glass of wine from the local vineyard! Comes with all the perks of luxury accommodation like couples massage in room and a Jacuzzi hot tub in the bathrooms, which are amenities to be taken for granted really.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, Brazil — South America

5 Star Hotels - Anvilhanas Jungle Lodge, Brazil

5 Star Hotel – Anvilhanas Jungle Lodge, Brazil

This is an exclusive jungle resort located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The verandas and windows are netted, and the river has acidic water, so it’s more or less free of mosquitoes. There are many jungle excursions organized by the hotel to choose from, with experienced, multilingual guides. Despite being located in an area of pristine, untouched rainforests, it has all sorts of modern amenities like showers and luxury cottages. The Rio Negro is accessible right from the property itself, and swimming in it is the highlight of the trip for a lot of guests. If you look up pictures of the place on the Internet, be warned that they don’t do it full or even partial justice in the least.

Porini Mara Camp, Kenya — Africa

5 Star Hotels - Porini Mara Camp, Kenya

5 Star Hotel – Porini Mara Camp, Kenya

Africa is land of big game and nature at its fiercest, most magnificent best. You can witness all of this in all its glory at this safari camp. The tents are a top notch luxury stay right in the heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve. While there are many other quality camps in the area, Porini stands out for its attentive, experienced staff and guaranteed exclusivity. You will rarely encounter other vehicle safaris on your expeditions–it will be just you and that pride of lions gnawing away at their fresh catch. The tents closest to the river even receive a visit from a friendly hippo in the area!

Kayakapi Premium Caves, Turkey — Europe

5 Star Hotels - Kayakapi premium Caves, Turkey

5 Star Hotel – Kayakapi premium Caves, Turkey

This luxury accommodation is possibly the most exciting on the list as the rooms are crafted out of naturally occurring caves in the area! In fact, this hotel is a must see attraction for even those tourists who might not be staying in it. Even though the rooms might sound primitive, they are anything but. The suites are well heated, and are equipped with a sauna and jacuzzi. Turkey being the Mecca of kebabs, the food here is also exceptional, and so is the service and hospitality of the staff. The owner of the hotel even replies personally to reviews and queries! Nice touches like complimentary breakfast with a delicious, hot spread, give a real impression of getting your money’s worth with this place.

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, UAE — Asia Pacific

5 Star Hotels - Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE

5 Star Hotel – Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE

Designed to resemble a traditional Bedouin encampment, it comes with an extra advantage of absolute soul gratifying luxury the Bedouin never had the good fortune to indulge in. Surrounded by vast, pristine desert landscape for miles around, the luxury of the resort is heightened by the stark contrast with the desolate landscape. it has amenities you wouldn’t even think possible in such a setting like wi fi, spa and even a swimming pool! The resort offers many activities to do, the best being a camel trek and a dune dash through the sand dunes. Feel like a Sheikh staying at this resort!

Your favourite 5 star hotel

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