Are you planning an Argentina trip coming up? There are plenty of cities to visit, but one of the most exciting ones is Jujuy, Argentina. Between beautiful hiking and a vibrant culture, Jujuy could make your next trip amazing.
Check out these top reasons to visit Jujuy, Argentina.

  1. Hill of Seven Colors.
    The Hill of Seven Colors has some of the most amazing views you could see in your lifetime. Many say that the colors are best at sunset. You can easily see this beautiful sight by doing an Argentina tour package. This may be only one of the many sights you could see.
  2. Door to the Andes.
    This paved path leads you through the Andes. You can spend all day exploring the mountains and hills, taking pictures, and enjoying yourself.
  3. It’s close to bigger towns, but you still get a small village feel.
    If you want to get away from the bigger touristy destinations for just a day or two, Jujuy is a perfect place to visit. It’s close enough to make it worth your traveling time, but it’s far enough away from bigger cities so you can take a break. You’ll get a very authentic feel from Jujuy. It’s for travelers who are serious about immersing themselves in a culture.
  4. Tour Argentina with a llama!
    You’ve surely never had an experience quite like this before. In Ticara, a nearby town, an Argentina tour company offers tours with llamas. You can do anywhere from a half day tour to several days. They’ll provide you with camping gear and your very own llama. You’ll have a story to tell for years to come.
  5. Delicious food.
    Jujuy has some great restaurants that feature favorite local dishes. One of the favorite restaurants among tourists and locals alike is Krysys. It offers all sorts of barbequed meat with a variety of sauces. Mix and match these options. And the cooks are quite accommodating to how you want your meat cooked. You can find plenty of places in Jujuy that have delicious and affordable food.
  6. A tour of Salta and Jujuy.
    Jujuy happens to be near another great spot in Argentina, Salta. Many tour companies offer Argentina tour packages that hit both these spots. You can see so much in just one trip by visiting these two areas of Argentina. This is just another reason to make the Northwest your Argentina destination.

Jujuy is a great place to visit in Argentina. While most people think of Buenos Aries when they think of visiting Argentina, it has so much more to offer. When you come to Argentina, you want to see more than just the coastal areas. The Northwest has some beautiful scenery and sights you won’t forget as long as you live. Find a great tour company and buy your plane ticket to Argentina while you can!

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