For Beaches and Golf, Bermuda’s the Place to Be

There has always been a lot of mystery surrounding the country of Bermuda and it’s tourism appeal. Maybe it’s because the Bermuda triangle has reportedly sucked down planes and ships in a mysterious twist. Maybe it’s because folks are enjoying the islands in the areas surrounding Bermuda. Maybe it’s because folks just haven’t discovered the booming tourist destination that sits in Bermuda, though. Despite all of the mystery surrounding this infamous island, it’s actually a great place to take a family on vacation.

Besides its unexplainable triangle, Bermuda is known for a few things that could make a tourist very happy. The beaches have a gorgeous brand of sand that many people feel to be almost a pink color. The water coming into these beaches is an impossible brand of blue. It’s the color of blue that most people think would only exist in a movie. If you’re a love of golf, then there are lush courses to be played all throughout the island. With all of these things to offer, why are more people not flocking to Bermuda?

The island of Bermuda isn’t devoid of culture, either. They have a strong French influence in their quaint Caribbean culture. You’ll know you’re on an island when visiting Bermuda, as the Caribbean feel seems to be carried in the salty air. To truly experience Bermuda, travelers must head to one of the beautiful beaches. On the north part of the island, Clearwater Beach is clearly the place to be. This island is a long, secluded patch of sand that is adjacent to a part of ocean with spectacular swimming. Whether you’re a family man or a triathlete, you’ll find these waters to be fit for swimming. In addition, there are a couple of restaurants to visit while on this beach.

Elbow beach is the place to go if you want to go body surfing. The waves here are good, but they’re not so big that people are intimidated. This is the perfect beach for water sports and the numerous folks who flock there are a testament to this fact. If you’re a high roller in Bermuda, the Coral Beach Club sits near this beach and serves only the most exclusive of people.

If golf’s your game, then this island is a great place to play. Belmont Hills is only four years old and this gorgeous golf course is a perfect place to experience great golf with a touch of the islands. It’s a par-70 course that features some of the island’s most astonishing vantage points.

Whether it’s golf or the ocean you’re interested in, Bermuda is a great place to visit. The place has a strong island feel to it and most everyone who travels there isn’t disappointed.