Technically, you can’t really travel the world for free, unless Mum and Dad are sponsoring that gap year abroad. Like the saying goes, it’s either your money or your life. And if you’re unwilling to spend the money on it, at least you can devote hours of your life to work in exchange for free travel. At the very least, the following list will give you ideas to subsidize your travel to the bare minimum expense. Read on and be inspired.

1. Cycle and Camp

Travel the world for free

Travel the world for free

A growing preference among eco-conscious travelers worried about their carbon footprint, this way of travel ensures the only things you spend money on are food and visas. You will be pedaling your mode of transport the entire way, and carrying your pillow for the night on your back. Plus, it’s an adventure that’ll really impress everyone in your life, and anyone, absolutely anyone, can undertake this, regardless of age and fitness.

2. Stay and work at a hostel

Travel the world for free - Hostels

Travel the world for free – Hostels

You’d be surprised to learn how many youth hostels around the world are willing to provide lodging and food in exchange for a few hours every day at the front desk. You will need to stay a minimum of a couple of months, but the hours are usually great and it’s ideal if you’re the kind that really likes to soak up the atmosphere of a place before moving on. Check out 1000’s of hostels around the world and their contact information.

3. Work at a ski resort or any seasonal tourist trap

Travel the world for free - Ski Resorts

Travel the world for free – Ski Resorts

Due to the seasonality of the ski tourism industry, the labour force is scarce and ski resorts often have many positions available for work during peak season, with free lodging.

You don’t have to be a ski expert for this, as there are jobs for bartenders and housekeep. Again though, you might be required to stay a few months for this. Click here to look up the cheapest flights to your favourite ski holiday destinations.

4. Be a waitress on a cruise ship and travel the world for free!

Travel The World For Free - Work On A Cruise

Travel The World For Free – Work On A Cruise

If you’re a restless soul that can’t be tied down to a place for even a few months, then this might be the job for you! Being a help on a cruise ship requires literally no special skills (although knowledge of different languages is always a bonus!) and moreover, you actually get paid to travel!

Best part is, unlike an air hostess who goes zipping around the world without any time to really see a place, you disembark whenever the cruise makes a stop just like everyone else! Most contracts are renewed every three months, so you can decide to continue for however long you want!

5. Work on the go

Travel The World For Free - Work On The Go

Travel The World For Free – Work On The Go

You don’t have to be a website designer or a coder to be able to work online. Anyone can do it. A lot of websites offer freelancing opportunities or act as a mediator between folks that require work done and folks that are willing to do it. Most of these involve proofreading, transcribing or writing someone else’s homework. The pay from any one job will not be spectacular, but if you take on two-three jobs simultaneously and keep up the pace, it should pay for a tight budget travel every month.

It’s sustainable and is almost like travelling the world for free, as you’re still technically on vacation. Just make sure to start out with small jobs on a website and build up your credibility over time for more lucrative offers.

6. Trade in exotic goods

Travel The World For Free - Trade In Exotic Goods

Travel The World For Free – Trade In Exotic Goods

This can be very lucrative when done right (and legally). The basic idea is, you buy goods in cheaper currency, ship them back home, and sell them for more expensive currency, making a neat profit in the process. This would work in a variety of cases, such as carpets, handicrafts, woodwork, ethnic shoes etc. A good hit can potentially allow you to travel the world for free for the next few months.

7. Teach English

Travel The World For Free - Teach English

Travel The World For Free – Teach English

We all know about this one. But it doesn’t have to be as formal and as hard as it is made out to be. Anywhere outside the native English speaking world, you can find English teaching jobs dime a dozen, making you set to realize your dream to travel the world for free. This is especially true in smaller Third world countries, where you can even be bold enough to approach the owner of an inn if he would give you free accommodation in exchange for English lessons for his staff. You’d be surprised at the answers!

Do you have any other tips on how to travel the world for free? Share them with us in the comments!