Belitung is part of Bangka Belitung, one of Indonesian’s provinces. It is a small island located north-west from Java Island, near Sumatra Island. This place isn’t a big city. It is still a bit of a traditional city. But this place has so many interesting and beautiful places to be visited. Even so, not many people know much about this place yet. Most people who heard about Indonesia will likely only know about Jakarta, Java and Bali.

In Belitung, you still can find many green mountains, refreshing forests and many beautiful beaches. The best part of it is that you’ll have fresh air to breathe, not like in the big city where you can only find polluted air to breathe. There are still not many cars in there. But the motorcycle is many. If you are worried about the vehicle to travel with, don’t be. You can rent cars in many places. Some people will also take you to anywhere you like with their car with a low fee. So you don’t have to be worried about it. Here are some beautiful and interesting places you should visit if you decided to go there.

  1. Tanjung Tinggi

    This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Belitung. The great thing here is that the beach is still clean. And if you visit this place, you’ll find many food corners which sell seafood a few meters from the beach. Sometimes the waves are also great to be played with.

  2. Tanjung Kelayang

    This one is also another beautiful beach in Belitung. This beach isn’t very far away from Tanjung Tinggi. There was a big event here last year, Sail Indonesia, where the sailors depart from Australia and stop here for a while then continue their Journey to the finish line.

  3. Bukit Berahu

    This is another beach in Belitung; this one has a cliff with it. Not many people go to the beach here. Most people come here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and some go to swimming in the swimming pool. The swimming pool here is just an ordinary swimming pool. The only good thing here is that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and if you like to see the sunset, this is a good place.

  4. Air Seruk

    This one isn’t very popular. This place has a swimming pool in it. But this swimming pool isn’t just an ordinary swimming pool. The swimming area is created using rocks, sands, not cement. The water is also cool and refreshing since it comes from nature, not processed water.

  5. Gunung Tajam

    Gunung Tajam is the highest mountain in Belitung. This place is still filled with tress; it is still refreshing and cool. There is one special place in this mountain people usually visit. It is the resting place of the first Muslim in Belitung.

Those are some beautiful and interesting places to be visited in Belitung. However, that’s not all. That’s only a few of them. They’re great aren’t they? The only bad thing about visiting Belitung is that it doesn’t have a five-star hotel for people who like luxuries. But it’s not a big problem isn’t it. Then why don’t you try to visit this place? Belitung doesn’t have a five star hotel for people who like luxuries. But it’s not a big problem isn’t it. Then why don’t try to visit this place?